Grievance Procedures

The College of Education has established specific academic grievance procedures that will be followed in the event of a grade dispute between a given student and instructor.

A student must initiate the grievance procedure the semester immediately following the semester the dispute occurs. The grievance process will be utilized only after the student has conferred with the instructor and department chairperson in an effort to resolve the issue. 

A student may petition a departmental decision concerning a given dispute to the College of Education Grievance Committee when a final course grade is alleged to have been given by a faculty member in a capricious, arbitrary, or discriminatory manner, or some other academic matter is disputed. The classification of the alleged academic dispute  must be identified and explained by the student.



A grievance is an action where an individual alleges that his or her rights have been violated without rational basis or done in bad faith.


Not resulting from a reasonable and announced grading policy and procedure.


Without a sound academic basis or else based primarily upon personal preference or whim.


Differential treatment based upon race, religion, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin.


1. The student must attempt as soon as it's reasonably feasible after receipt of the grade in question, or the occurrence of the "other" academic dispute, communicate with the instructor(s) or if the student fail in their attempts to communicate with the instructor(s), after reasonable effort, the student will then proceed to step 2. 

2. A student whose academic dispute has not been resolved satisfactorily utilizing the directives in step 1 (stated above), should officially submit his/her grievance in writing to the chairperson of the department in which the course is offered (NOTE: Please see Appendix A - College of Education Student Application for Academic Grievance). 

3. The College of Education Grievance Committee will review each appeal, speak with both the student and faculty member and /or conduct a hearing if appropriate and necessary in an effort to resolve the academic grievance dispute. 

4. The Dean of the College of Education will review the Grievance Committee findings and recommendations in each appeal in a timely matter. As soon as is reasonably feasible thereafter, he/she will notify the parties to the appeal in writing of his/her decision and also will provide each of the parties a copy of the Grievance Committee's findings and recommendation(s).  

5. In the case of College of Education student has a credible academic dispute arising out of a course offered outside of the College of Education, he/she should contact the appropriate College or School to determine the correct procedure(s) for addressing the grievance. 

Student Form for Academic Grievance PDF



Student grievances related to non-academic issues and issues not listed in Section III may be addressed by the procedures as set forth below.

INFORMAL Non-Academic Grievance or Complaint

An informal non-academic grievance or complaint is non-written claim by a student alleging improper, unfair, or arbitrary treatment by an administrator, faculty member, and/or staff member or an attempt to seek guidance on how to find the appropriate office or person to assist in informally resolving a complaint with an administrator, faculty member, and/or staff.

Although a student may contact the University Ombudsman at any time, it is recommended that the student first attempt to address their complaint by discussing it with the person most directly involved with their complaint. 

FORMAL Non-Academic Grievance or Complaint

A formal non-academic grievance or complaint is a written claim raised by a student alleging improper, unfair, or arbitrary action by an administrator, faculty member, and/or staff member involving the application of a Florida A&M University (or Florida Board of Governors) regulations, policy or procedure (NOTE: Please see Appendix B - College of Education Non-Academic Grievance Process.

Non-Academic Complaint Form


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