Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation (HPER)

Our mission is to prepare graduates who can compete and interact effectively within the continually evolving fields of physical education, health, sport, and recreation.

HPER students participate in a wide variety of experiences that go beyond classroom work. You will be exposed to professors from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. In addition, the HPER faculty members are dedicated educators who regularly engage in professional development activities on the national, state and local levels to stay abreast of information and contribute to the growth of the profession. 


Trainer working with client
Trainer working with client


"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. "
Arabian Proverb

Our Programs

You will be challenged to be actively engaged in the learning process by applying practical application and critical thinking skills learned in your coursework.  Our programs will prepare you to be a part of the solution to improve health and fitness. 

Gym teacher talking with students Course Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science degree in physical education is designed to prepare physical education teachers for Florida schools with professional educator certification and the nation.

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The Master of Science degree in Sport Management provides graduates with training for careers in sport management professions.


Other Concentrations, Endorsements & Resources

We offer certification programs with concentrations or endorsements in health, dance, athletic coaching, aquatics, and driver education.

Swimming coach holding stop watch

Courses in the Aquatics Management concentration provides eligibility for American Red Cross Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor certificates as well as Water Safety Training for Swim Coaches and Aquatics Facility Operators credential from National Recreation and Parks Association

Dance teacher leading dance class

Courses in the Dance concentration allow the graduate to teach dances in different out of schools settings.

Personal trainer leading aerobics class

Courses in the Exercise Science & Coaching concentration allow the graduate to apply for the Coaching certification from the Florida Department of Education.

Teacher helping student in Health class

The Health Promotion concentration meets the specialization requirements for certification in Health (K-12) in the State of Florida.

Academic advisor assisting student

Academic advisement by an advisor in the HPER Department is an essential key to the success of each student.

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All students declaring a major within the Dept. of HPER are encouraged to participate in different majors clubs.



The following  scholarships and other financial awards are available to HPER students on a competitive basis.  All students pursuing a degree in HPER are encouraged to apply for such financial assistance through the Dept. of HPER and the College of Education.

Robert “Pete”Griffin and Hansel Tookes Endowed Scholarship

The families of Robert “Pete” Griffin and Hansel Tookes established an endowed scholarship as a lasting memorial to honor their outstanding accomplishments and as a reflection of the dedication the two men had for promoting excellence at Florida A&M University (FAMU). The Griffin-Tookes Endowed Scholarship is intended to provide financial support to FAMU’s outstanding athletes and physical education majors.

GPA 2.5 or above
Commitment to pursuing a degree in Physical Education
Member of PEPS Club
Florida Resident              
Award: $1,500 annually

Costa Kittles Endowed Scholarship

Coach Costa and Emma Kittles established the Costa Kittles Endowed Athletic and Physical Education Scholarship.  The scholarship is intended to provide financial support for students pursuing studies in physical education and participating in athletics at Florida A&M University (FAMU).

FAMU College of Education
FAMU College of Education

GPA 2.5 or above
Classification: Junior Level Baseball Player
Commitment to pursuing a degree in Physical Education
Excels in the sport of baseball
Candidates will be recommended by Head Baseball Coach
Award: $1,000 annually

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