Physical Education (K-12)

The Physical Education Program is designed to prepare physical education teachers at K-12 schools.

The Physical Education program is designed to prepare students to become physical education teachers in K-12 schools settings.They will be grant professional educator certificators in teaching physical education in the State of Florida after completing all the courseworks, passing General Knowledge Tests and all subtests of Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) and completing student teaching.


FAMU Student.
FAMU Student.


Students That Complete The Program Are Able To:

  • Establish positive interaction in the learning environment that uses incentives and consequences for students to promote excellence in health and  physical activity;
  • Establish positive interactions between teacher and student in all areas of instruction;
  • Communicate (verbally & nonverbally) participation procedures  with all students, including those with disabilities and those of varying cultural and linguistic backgrounds; and
  • Communicate with colleagues, school and community specialists, administrators, and families consistently and appropriately regarding health and physical activity issues.



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